5 Bars Media is a sports app enterprise that provides fan experience enhancement through wireless broadband connectivity. Our technology takes the fan experience to another level by allowing them to use their mobile devices to connect with the venue they are at.

5 Bars Media sports apps can provide a variety of functions and features such as live play-by-play footage of the game, in-seat ordering and the ability to watch video replays from multiple angles all on their smartphones. With our app fans can browse through game stats and view interactive maps to locate food and beverage options.

5 Bars Media app helps venues and teams communicate and engage with their fans! Venues can sell more tickets to future games, fan memorabilia and merchandise all thorough the 5 Bars Media app. Our app can include push notifications for personalized updates on events, on sale information and special offers.

5 Bars App Features:

  • Buy Tickets
  • Seat finder
  • Seat upgrades
  • Upload your favorite pictures from the game on social media sites
  • Instant Replays
  • Live scores
  • Jumbotron Integration
  • Player Statistics
  • Special offers and promotions


Sponsors can bring their brand to the game through video ads, channel sponsorships, click-throughs and personalize their sales to fans!

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